07.06.16 Pt. 7

Despite spending a year as lovers exploring one another’s pasts and building our futures, when we sit across from each other now at the small corner table of the café, we look at each other as strangers familiar with the others past.

We were both so blind to the changes forming within ourselves that it wasn’t until reunited under unfortunate circumstances that we reflect on the strides and growth we’ve made-whether it be for better or for worse.

There’s no denying we aren’t the same foolish young kids we were when we started dating last year. No matter how much we would both love to turn back the hands of time to return to days filled with joyful simplicity where sobriety came effortlessly and unquestionably, we couldn’t. Days in which our income came from our parents pockets and was merely directed towards our dates rather than obtained through deals and funding our next fix. We have become the corrupted kids our parents warned us about in the start of our adolescence.

We were trapped in the now.

We sit here across from each other strangers clinging to our conjoined past, in love with the shadows of who we once were.


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