07.06.16 Pt. 3

A note before this one is read-Michael and my relationship was very complex. In this entry, we were on far better terms than we currently are but as time passed, more truths were revealed that ultimately shattered our relationship permanently. The views and opinions of him will change drastically as the posts progress and the explanations for that may remain vague. For that, I apologize but I’m noting now that whenever his name appears, I am referring to the same person.

Day two of detox. His voice is filled with kindness and concern as he pushes more tea in my direction-his solution to end the shakes and aches and pains that are bon from my body craving the substances I’m denying myself. I’ve questioned multiple times Michael’s intentions but have only been able to see that he is merely embracing his human nature.

We are joined in the crisp air on the early nights of July under a gray sky by birds chirping distantly their songs whose contents will forever remain unknown.

We were brought together in a home for those who view sleep as a foreign concept: a home we frequented many nights last summer, bonded by a mutual passion of putting pen to paper. We allow our words to flow gracefully, endlessly down each page spilling our thoughts that the world may not be ready to hear aloud. Our goal was to share, critique, and work toward collaborating on a piece that will accurately depict the story of our rise and fall. More importantly, how we came together to overcome it.

He smokes cigarette after cigarette reading entries aloud as I write what flows through my mind.

I have never been more grateful that someone has pushed me so hard to continue writing when I need to the most.


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