07.05.16 Pt. 8

I vaguely recall receiving a phone call from my friend Bianca the day I went to the mall to see the new Purge movie with some friends. I was slightly dazed and disoriented from swallowing the little yellow bar that I hoped would solve all my problems before entering the theatre.

I stepped out to take the call in the hallway assuming it would be brief. I can hardly remember what she said but she was hurt that she saw me with others on a day we scheduled to hang out which I assumed had been canceled because of a fight we had the previous day. The dispute ended quickly only because she hung up on me before I was given a chance to defend myself.

Despite the Xanax, my stomach dropped and my self-worth plummeted. My hands shook and I left the boys behind with a single objective in mind. Was it before or after I called Blake?

I’m not sure. I just knew I needed to go to a store where I could purchase a knife.


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