07.05.16 Pt.3

I railed lines of ketamine and molly as swiftly as I sliced my skin. My hands were shaking and it burned my sinuses as it slammed into my brain. It was a rush. The drip in the back of my throat was terrible but the lingering promise of being out of my head even just for a little bit was more than enough for me to swallow more water and fight to ignore it.

It was a high unlike any other.

It was something I never thought I would partake in and found myself slightly ashamed when basking in the aftermath. The ketamine was cut on a flat star shaped mirror the size of a plate.

When I leaned forward with my tightly rolled twenty I hesitated gazing at the reflection of the stranger staring back at me.

Who had I become?

Someone I’m not proud to be today.

But that was irrelevant. I leaned in close and inhaled.


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