June 2016

The next is a piece an ex-boyfriend of mine wrote about me. At one point in time we tried to be friends and were working on a collaborative project together with these collections. Unfortunately it was short lived due to personal complications.

We had a very complex relationship. He will be a recurring character in my own pieces as well. He was a very special person to me; my first love, my first everything. We had a beautiful thing once upon a time when we were still young and fairy tale endings were still possible to achieve. But once we were faced with the reality of growing up, we both teetered on the precipice of our own stability and sanity slipping down similar paths of self-destruction one after another. We both hurt each other in unbelievable ways. It grew to be so toxic that the looks we shot at each other could’ve burned holes into each others skin.

Our relationship ended in a glorious inferno that devoured everything in its path leaving behind nothing but ashes to express the beauty of what we once had.

June 2016

She’s driving across town,

And she drives to find a better place for herself to grow on her own.

Because I get what people are looking for when I start to turn the ignition.

It’s not about staying in the same place but moving to another.

Even if that car holds your weight.

There will always be a part of home following you.


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