07.05.16 Pt.2

He called me bright eyes because my pupils grew to the size of saucers; my irises thin rings of hazel barely able to shine through. They widened and glowed as I smiled and stared at the way the fabric of time bent and blurred, the stability of solid objects danced before, paintings came alive electrified by the life they breathed in, and mesmerized by the way way music seemed to caress my skin.

We came together bonded by our dysfunction and mutual distress. We journeyed together to find a solution by venturing into a realm built outside of our heads from the toxicity flowing within.

I was flattered; engulfed in his charm and wisdom. Our bond had deepened by the days spent in each others presence.

“Come on Bright Eyes, let’s go.” He took my hand and led me down the stairs. All my trust was placed in him. We fit together like two puzzle pieces.

My best friend. My James.

It was him and I against the world but now I am left to face this battle alone.


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