Welcome to my blog!

This is a confession blog that tells the story of my struggles with sobriety. There are also other topics that will be mentioned (possibly implicitly) so this is a warning that it may serve as a trigger to some people.

Not all the pieces included are written by myself but those which I have been granted permission to use will have some sort of credit (albeit their identity may remain concealed because this blog is supposed to remain as anonymous as possible) as well. Due to the nature of the posts and because I want to conceal my own identity as well as that of those who were involved in some of the instances names and locations may have been changed.

There’s more information about myself under the about me tab and more of what this blog is about below.

Enjoy the tale of my ongoing dance with the devil.

~Bright Eyes



This is a personal confession blog. It documents the journey I made to regain sobriety and the struggle I currently face to maintain it. It is composed of journal entries and brief excerpts I wrote during these difficult times in my life. There are a handful of excerpts written by other people that were once very close to me who will receive credit for their work that they claim was inspired by my downfall.

There are multiple pieces that will have the same date for the title because they were written on the same day but may not have occurred on those same days. These I divided up into separate parts (pt. 1, pt. 2, etc.) for the sake of differentiating them from one another.

Most of them are written as poetry or take on the form of a stream of consciousness which may not allow for an excessive amount of personal details in the accounts. This is a story of self-improvement, personal growth, and how I learned to cope and process the traumatic experiences that led me down that path.

My hope is that by sharing some of my experiences I can help people feel not as alone if they have ever faced anything similar. Additionally, this is a way for me to process and cope with my own experiences so negative comments will be deleted. If there are any questions or comments (no negative feedback please), feel free to email me. I would be happy to share more details and give advice for others in struggling with these things as well.